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Get Cybersecurity in Just One Click
Buy SOC as a service subscription and get your dashboard within 24 hours. Hassle-free work will be provided to you and that too with utmost dedication. Your dashboard will be available while there will be no such concept of chatting with consultants prior to the availability of the dashboard.
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Secure Your Business Or It Could Be Gone Within Minutes
Hackers are always on the hunt for vulnerable systems. Your data can be lost within seconds if due attention is not provided. Get your network systems secured with SOCVault’s help and that too at the most nominal rates.
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Hackers Can Access Your Personal Data
Cyber attackers are always on the lookout for systems that seem vulnerable. Their continuous threats can cause your data to be out in the open. Thus, contact SOCVault for an immense security system that makes sure the clients are fully satisfied.
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Get Cybersecurity in Just One Click
Buy SOC as a service subscription and get your dashboard within 24 hours. Hassle-free work will be provided to you and that too with utmost dedication. Your dashboard will be available while there will be no such concept of chatting with consultants prior to the availability of the dashboard.
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Secure Your Business Or It Could Be Gone Within Minutes
Hackers are always on the hunt for vulnerable systems. Your data can be lost within seconds if due attention is not provided. Get your network systems secured with SOCVault’s help and that too at the most nominal rates.
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Hackers Can Access Your Personal Data
Cyber attackers are always on the lookout for systems that seem vulnerable. Their continuous threats can cause your data to be out in the open. Thus, contact SOCVault for an immense security system that makes sure the clients are fully satisfied.
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* Risk Assessment

* Security Events

* Integrity Monitoring
* Cloud Security


* Vulnerabilities

* Antivirus

* Container Security
* OS Analysis


* Policy Monitoring

* System Auditing

* Configuration Assessment
* Security Configuration



* NIST 800-53




SOC As a Service in Canada

SOCVault is a global security operation center that provides adequate cybersecurity services to safeguard critical assets at all costs. Get SOC as a Service at an affordable price for your small or medium organizations in just  one click. Without wasting time consulting, you can get your  SOC dashboard 24 hours after subscription. SOCVault’s SOCAAS (SOC As A Service) ensures a complete safety package for your network and data systems. SOCVault has a formidable team that focuses on providing you with the world-known threat detection and incident response features.

24x7 Managed SOC As a Service

soc as a service


There are a lot of risks involved with cyber attackers lurking here and there in pursuit of hacking into the company’s critical assets. Thus, such an act calls for a  24/7 plan. We here at SOCVault provide a soc service that works 24/7 & provides complete soc audit reports just for the sake of the safety of our clients.

According to multiple studies, the companies that prefer  SOC as a service  over an internal cybersecurity feature are much better in growth. Managed SOC services for critical assets prove to be less costly and highly effective. Organizations opting for cybersecurity services stay relaxed. This sense of ease is a constant from our customers as they rely heavily on SOCVault, a company that does not disappoint its customers.

24/7 service


Keep Your Business

Safe And Secure

You’re standing at the right place if you want to protect your assets from the outrage of cybercrimes. SOCVault is a Top  Cybersecurity Company  that provides complete auditing and monitoring SOC as a service dashboard for its customers. Most  small-medium businesses  are at risk as cyber attackers can easily breach their data. All critical assets need a security operation center or cybersecurity services, a basic need for  SMB stakeholders. Our customers are relaxed and satisfied with our performance as they are served with the best of action rather than cheap outdated tactics.

case management case management

Case Management

Our robust inviolable SOC case management service helps user to collect, distribute and examine all information of particular events and incident respond team hunt to secure your critical assets. In this way, similar breaches and threats are dealt with in the same way they were dealt with previously. This feature helps in lowering the response and action time once a danger is initiated. As a result, case management services make our clients behave much more vigilantly than before. We learn from past experiences, which makes us stand out from other security providers.

security analysis

security analysis

Security Analytics

SOCVault’s security analytics assessment involves a continuous lookout for every possible risk. Potential cyber risks are easy to detect through our vastly integrated platform. As a result, your critical assets will receive a complete overhauling of their security measures. Based on your industry type, we customize contingency plans, take rapid actions, and carry out result-producing evaluations.

intrusion detection

Intrusion Detection

Catch cyberattacks off guard through SOCVault’s uniquely designed intrusion detection system. Our intrusion detection system monitors traffic for suspicious activities and alert report to incident respond team. It is based on both human and machine-based learning concepts. As a result, organizations opting for our services will experience an environment filled with minimal spammed-filled traffic on their network and data systems.

log data analysis log data analysis

Log Data Analysis

Protect your log files and secure your sensitive data through our eminent data analysis. This analysis involves a thorough search between files and detecting possible vulnerability gaps. Filling the vulnerability gaps is never easy, but organizations feel relaxed after subscribing to our soc as a service as we provide a 24/7 monitoring service.

vulnerability detection vulnerability detection

Vulnerability Detection

Our SOC as a service is second to none, which makes sure to close all vulnerability gaps in your core assets. Attackers can enter these gaps unauthorized, and such intrusion can lead to further complications. Thus, SOCVault creates a consolidated plan to fill all the threat-creating pores in our clients’ security systems.

configuration assessment

configuration assessment

Configuration Assessment

Recover your wrongly configured assets with the help of our highly experienced security providers. Misconfiguration can lead to major threats. Therefore, it is required to create such configuration settings in your critical assets that will not just make your assets attack-free but also able to defend the possible threats.

incident response incident response

Incident Response

SOCVault’s response time for any threat or breach is speedy. This fast-paced response time helps the clients become aware of the breach. After such swift incident response time, SOCVault’s highly consolidated dashboard, built on the principles of AI, provides the best-fit solutions.

regulatory compliance regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Fulfill all your compliance requirements with the help of our regulatory compliance services. In this way, the clients stay updated with the newest compliance requirements and other policies regarding cybersecurity. SOCVault provides the following compliances:

  • GDPR
  • NIST 800-53
  • TSC

socvault socvault

Cloud Security

SOCVault conducts a 24/7, non-stop monitoring of cloud infrastructures to search for gaps and possible threats in our clients' critical assets. The provided security leads to better visibility and detectability of issues present on the cloud servers of our valued clients. In addition, SOCVault provides its clients with live visibility across the multi-cloud. In this way, the clients can stay alert at all times.

container security container security

Containers security

Securing your unprotected data inside containers wasn’t easy and simple before. SOCVault provides complete protection of the data stored in your containers. The data is processed in the best fashion under container programs, but this optimal data processing also needs protection. Thus, we ensure our clients do not hesitate while thinking about the safety of their containers

file integrity monitoring file integrity monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring

SOCVault takes care of your tampered files and makes sure that there is no sign of an alteration in them. Your assets’ security is our responsibility. Therefore, your data’s security is our priority, and we prioritize by keeping a constant eye on any malicious activity. Our beautifully designed SOC solution detects suspicious changes in the data files.

container security container security

Security Information Management

SOCVault’s security management system, integrated with multiple AI-driven programs plus human efforts, proves to be one of the best. Whether it’s about detecting or resolving threats, our security management system never disappoints. Next-generation detection and unmatched analytics help organizations get a clearer picture of the security of their critical assets.

vulnerability detection vulnerability detection

Cyber Investigation

Achieving the feat of successfully tracing cyber attackers is a daunting task. Still, SOCVault makes sure that cyber attackers are grabbed by their throats. A coordinated effort reduces the time to detect, respond and resolve issues. The greater the coordination, the lesser will be the time taken. Our cyber investigation services possess the ability to counter cyber threats regardless of their magnitude. Modern cybersecurity challenges require modern solutions, and thus with the help of our contemporary team, we ensure complete safety.

log data analysis log data analysis

SOC Alerting & Reporting

Receive a detailed incident response action through an immense data analysis through SOCVault’s alerting and reporting service. With the coordination of human and machine learning, we ensure the clients get monitoring and alerting of the best kind. This service’s key feature is an automated response and alerting. Thus, the clients are guaranteed to receive an alert whenever there is a chance of a breach.

threat intelligence threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence

SOCVault is more than just a basic security-providing tool. We are not only Security event management sellers; instead, we give you a complete standardized SOC solution. A solution that makes sure that all cybersecurity aspects are under one roof and each box is ticked.

antivirus antivirus


Antivirus is an program that provides malware detection by surfing through multiple antivirus engines. It also guides what sort of solution is present for a particular malware and other malicious activities. Socvault manages to easily detect malware or any other activity on the computer systems. This antivirus also helps in detecting whether an activity is ethical or unethical.

Malware analysis Malware analysis

Malware Analysis

SOCVault tracks corrupt files by rinsing through your core assets with the help of our SOC solution and highly skilled staff that are beyond comparison. Experience powerful protection against viruses and other malicious activities via our efficient protection plan. SOCVault detects suspicious behavior of any particular file or a URL and immediately takes action by generating alerting and reporting strategies.

configuration assessment log data analysis

OS analysis

OS analysis helps in crafting your operating systems’ queries using SQL statements. This feature makes it easier for the security engineers that are well aware of the SQL language. OS analysis has multiple uses, uses that always prove to be beneficial for computer systems. While considering cybersecurity services, this feature also comes in handy. SOCVault makes sure to be cautious yet vigilant at all times, and thus, the Os analysis feature allows to enhance the endpoint security.

Everything You Need SOC As a Service


Cybercrimes are a significant threat to all organizations regardless of their industry sectors. The feeling of losing your or customer’s confidential data and system passwords is unexplainable, and only the one suffering it can realize the pain. SOCVault provides the finest cybersecurity services or soc as a service known to the business world.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service makes sure that a detailed security service is being provided to the clients. Its immense performance with next-generation soc analytics, detection, and statistical aspects of cybersecurity stands out.


Through this SOAR service, users are alerted after a sudden breach and a proper report is generated regarding the level of the threat.


XDR is an advanced approach to detecting malicious activities and generating the desired responses based on the type of breach. This next-gen feature provides 24/7 protection.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is SOCVault’s protection shield and acts intelligently with the help of AI-driven features to detect any threat within seconds. We ensure you that your critical assets are always safe and sound.

Secure Your Business Operations
With Cybersecurity

SOCVault provides a standardized SOC service integrated with multiple features to safeguard your critical assets. SOCVault care about the valuable investments of our clients and their plans. Facing a cyber-attack can be heart-wrenching for any organization, and coming out from such trauma is hard. The cyber attackers do all kinds of threatening and blackmailing, which can cause the stakeholders serious setbacks. With the help of our SOC as a service, we can assure you that outside interference in your network systems is nearly impossible. Our customers need to build their utmost trust in our services as for us, these customers are the priority, and we do not disappoint them.

About Us

Top cybersecurity services

SOCVault offers top cybersecurity services and SOC as a service. SOCVault is a complete SOC solution provider that enables major business people to secure their network systems and  confidential data  through our renowned services. Our services are of the highest order. SOCVault provides a dashboard that will be allotted to our clients just 24 hours after their successful subscription. There is no need to  consult with agents  and waste multiple attempts to receive the dashboard’s access. We, here at SOCVault, provide you with your  dashboard within 24 hours.

Customer Satisfaction

Benefits of SOC As Service

SOC assessment has benefits  for businesses that are under a constant threat of getting  spammed online. Rather than working in-house and opting for a team of professionals, any rational thinker should call for help from outside. Thus, the concept of  SOC as a service  comes into play which serves to be economical, causes less frustration among employees, and does not require too much staffing. We provide you with the best of services while sitting in our offices and ensuring that our client, who might be miles away, feels secure  and fully satisfied

What Does SOCVault Offer?

Why Cybersecurity Services are important?

SOCVault promises to present a consolidated SOC  solution  from which the customers would benefit in the best fashion. SOCVault is a subscription-based model, “PAY AS YOU GROW”.  Therefore, you don’t need to buy a massive bundle of  licenses. For instance, imagine you currently have only two devices, so you would only pay for two devices per month. Afterward, if a third device is added, you would have to pay for three devices while having the authority to  add or remove any device. Register now to secure your critical assets.

Real-time visibility

How Do I Monitor Cyberattacks?

As the agent gets installed, it collects logs & pushes them to SOCVault in real-time. The dashboard can show you real-time visibility & other monitoring features. If you open an application, that application creates the logs of opening, registry modification, loading DLL & create a complete SOC audit report.

Software blocking

Protect Your PC From Unwanted Applications

SOCVault as SOC service providers allows administrators to have  rights  to allow certain applications for users. Users cannot run the application whether it is installed or not. If  user tries  to run the application, which is not allowed per policy. In that case, the SOCVault  administrator  can have visibility.

Vulnerability Assessment

Endpoint Protection For Critical Assets

SOC as a service helps secure your  endpoints  from exposed vulnerability and provides you visibility on the dashboard. SOCVault also provides CVE documents for remediation. SOC security center exposes all the  hidden flaws  in your endpoint and the miss-configuration / not recommended. So, you can secure your critical assets. 


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