Privacy Policy

SOCVault is a cybersecurity provider, and we feel that it is our duty to be as clear as we can about any information you choose to share with us. We understand the importance of your visit to our website and as such are extremely diligent to provide the necessary security to your data. Although just like all other websites, we do get user information of every visitor, we believe it is necessary that we stay transparent about its usage, so your surfing is kept as secure as possible. Thus, we have discussed our privacy policy in detail below.


SOCVault is committed to ensuring that your experience with us is as safe and secure as possible for all. This is why the following protocols are always in place whenever you visit

​​check-mark SOCVault will never trade in any data it acquires from its visitors without express and explicit communication.

check-mark ​We will never send you any emails for promotions or otherwise unless you allow us to do so by either subscribing to our newsletter or providing us with similar information with a similar agenda.

check-mark ​If you choose to share any personal information with us, rest assured that it will never be leaked out to any other source.​

check-mark ​If any information you have given needs to be shared with an external resource, we will notify you in advance before collecting it.​

check-mark ​SOCVault does not share any information about its customers or website visitors to third parties.​

check-mark ​If you opt to not share any information about your website visit, you have to make an appropriate setting in your web browser and click the option of “No” when prompted. However, by selecting this option you may be restricted from accessing certain sections and pages of the website.​

check-mark ​If you decide to opt for any of our services, we will continue to stay in contact with you at least till the duration of our contract. In case you seek support and maintenance services from SOCVault, another contract will be drawn up for the purpose.

check-mark​ Should you ask for a service that has third-party inclusion (like AWS server deployment), we will notify you of any and all information that will be provided to the third party.

Data Usage

check-mark Our website and clients span multiple continents, due to which we try to adhere to all the necessary legal obligations when we receive any visitor data.

check-mark We only keep generic visitor data, and that too until deemed necessary for security. This duration depends on the nature, amount, and sensitivity of the data received.

check-mark To comply with international privacy laws, SOCVault only keeps prospective customer data as long as they are in contact with us. After an appropriate period of time, this data is deleted from our servers to protect your anonymity.

check-mark If you opt for our email promotions, we will send you emails, which can be tracked when opened and the attached link is visited. You have the right to unsubscribe from these promotional emails with a link provided in the email grid.

check-mark If you choose any of our services, we will only require the information absolutely necessary for the process.​​

check-mark SOCVault uses secure servers and all the data is transmitted over Secure Socket Layer. This further strengthens the integrity of any information shared between you and SOCVault, including but not limited to your forms filled and pages visited.​​

check-mark Our website may redirect you to other websites. SOCVault cannot be held accountable for the privacy policies or the content present in those other websites.

Cookie Policy

Whenever you visit any website, you will be prompted to accept or reject cookies, many often don’t understand the concept before making a choice. Cookies are small chunks of data on your computer that a website asks you to access. However, contrary to how it may seem, cookies do not store any kind of private information. Instead, they tell a website of your recent relevant searches and how many pages of a website you visit. This helps us learn better about your interests and should you opt for it, send you any promotional deals that might benefit you.

check-mark Cookies are designed to ensure your experience with us is efficient and they also help us know about our performance with you. We make use of cookies upon your next website visit to provide content that is more suited to your preferences.

check-mark Not all cookies are put up by SOCVault, which may impact your experience on a few other websites as well. These cookies do not contain any information related to your identity and are thus considered safe.

check-mark Cookies used are only available to SOCVault during your active browsing session on the website. As soon as you terminate your session, our access halts. ​