Threat Intelligence

SOCVault is more than just a basic security-providing tool. We are not only SIEM as a service provider; instead, we give you a complete standardized SOC solution. A solution that makes sure that all cybersecurity aspects are under one roof and each box is ticked. Organizations that look for quality security providers can contact SOCVault as our integrated features and professionals do wonders together. The facts mentioned above are why our threat intelligence is up to the mark.

Features like Next Generation Detection and Response (XDR) is a feature that automatically detects threats and activates immediate responses. Infusion of the XDR feature with various other automated AI and analytical features results in adding a “threat intelligence” label to our brand. Companies rejoice after opting for such services.

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Close Vulnerable Gaps In Your Security Systems

Organizations are a few clicks away from securing their entire database or network systems from attacks and breaches. As soon as the vulnerable gaps fill up, the automated yet human-generated tools are alerted, and the probable threat is lured away. Cyber attackers may use different tactics to enter into and breach a company’s data and network systems. Thus, to get rid of such evil activity, our AI-driven tools take rapid actions backed by human efforts. 

threat intelligence

Up To Date Security Plans

SOCVault stays updated with the ever-growing technology of the world and serves its clients in the best way possible. Our threat intelligence features remain one of the finest as it runs through a team of specialists and a uniquely formed dashboard. Therefore, we can serve our clients with the best of service. Furthermore, we can think intelligently with such in-depth knowledge of the recent technology and its implications. Thus, intuition develops in our team of experts whenever something suspicious is around the corner. For more updates follow us on Facebook.