Configuration Assessment

We ensure that your critical assets are fully equipped with the right amount of security precautious services and software. SOCVault not just focuses on filling your vulnerability gaps or providing the best threat detection and response services. We promise an overall configuration assessment service responsible for getting your assets fully prepared to tackle the wrath of cyber attackers.

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Misconfigured Assets Can Lead To Major Threats

Through SOCVault, get the probable configuration issues solved within seconds. Scanning your critical assets leads to finely configured assets through our consolidated testing suite. However, misconfigured assets can pose major threats if not dealt with properly. The amount of damage such a loophole can cause is unimaginable. 

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Attackers Are On The Hunt!

SOCVault detects possible misconfigurations in the clients’ assets. It is a danger that can harm any business owner who does not follow proper configuration assessments. Therefore, join hands with SOCVault and convert your worries into joys and your concerns into optimism. The following targets are achieved through SOCVault’s configuration assessment services: 

Targeting Misconfigured Ideas

We look out for the areas in your data and network systems that are not following the quality standards of configuration assessment.

Pointing Out Deviations 

 SOCVault highlights any deviation in the configuration settings. Deviation can cause problems that get worse with every passing day. Such variations can neglect certain prescribed configurations. Not following such drafted configuration settings is always a danger. Thus, the clients should follow the advice of our security experts, who possess great amounts of capabilities.

Act As A Remedy Provider

Not just highlighting the problem but providing the best-fit solution for such shortcomings is our aim. Therefore, SOCVault carries out testing that checks for problems in the configuration settings. Based on the results of such testing, we provide ideal security solutions.

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