OS Analysis

OS Analysis helps in crafting your operating systems’ queries using SQL statements. This feature makes it easier for the security engineers that are well aware of the SQL language. OS Analysis has multiple uses, uses that always prove to be beneficial for computer systems. While considering cybersecurity, this feature also comes in handy. SOCVault makes sure to be cautious yet vigilant at all times. Thus, the OS Analysis feature allows enhancing the endpoint security points.

Secure All Operating System & Website Platforms
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Protect Your Endpoints

SOCVault manages the OS Analysis tool to face the challenges of endpoint security. We ensure quality performance and efficient security on the frontline of defense by using this amazing, widely spread tool. A perfect implication of this tool leads to the clients being in a much more relaxed position than before. This service feels much safer and secure as it’s a source of continuous monitoring of malicious activities and scams.

OS Analysis

All Eyes Are On Attackers!

Cyberattacks are now even more easily trackable. It is possible to trace the files and folders that are being targeted. Files and folders under attack can be trackable just by placing a query and searching the affected data files. In addition, the security providers can write SQL-based queries to explore the operating systems for affected files, leading to a more transparent and accurate detection and prevention process.

OS Analysis Promises Clients 100 Percent Satisfaction

With clients getting the chance to monitor the incident points, they stay well informed and alerted. Even after an incident, such ease shows the amount of relaxation this feature provides. Our clients become fully aware of malicious activities, possible intrusions, and probable malware locations. For more day-to-day cybersecurity updates follow us on our social platforms.