Cyber Investigation Service

Achieving the feat of successfully tracing cyber attackers is a daunting task. Still, SOCVault makes sure that cyber attackers are grabbed by their throats. A coordinated effort reduces the time to detect, respond and resolve issues. The greater the coordination, the lesser will be the time taken. Our cyber investigation services possess the ability to counter cyber threats regardless of their magnitude. Modern cybersecurity challenges require modern solutions, and thus with the help of our contemporary team, we ensure complete safety.

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Out-Think Attackers With Human & AI

The users are assisted through our cyber investigation services in the best way possible. An investigation system built with an organic yet mechanized integration outperforms the potential attackers. We beat cybercriminals with our minds and our immense expertise in AI. This human-machine combination detects threats in no time and provides measures to resolve them in just a few clicks. Our state-of-the-art tools and in-depth knowledge of machine learning and SOC alerting report help our clients to detect threats in no time and find their automated solutions via their SOCVault dashboards.

cyber investigation

Gains Of Choosing SOCVault As Your Security Provider

Opting for our security services is an advantage for you while a loss for the cyber attackers. Now, monitor your data through our dashboard and experience better visibility and quick investigation. Following are a few gains of SOCVault’s cyber investigation services: 

Interrelated Response
A team-based response makes sure an accurate defense mechanism. SOCVault stays one step ahead of the hackers and spammers surfing the internet. Next-generation detection and response (XDR) technology help in automatically detecting the possible threats and fears of a breach.

Construct Your Security Plans With Ease
Operating without the desired tools and knowledge can bring loopholes and vulnerability spots in cybersecurity systems. Therefore, SOCVault brings you a uniquely designed SOC as a service solution. A solution integrated with several features just for our clients’ complete security. Moreover, they can receive tailored plans according to the type of their respective industries.  

Fast-Paced Investigations And Responses 
Receive a quick response time from our amazingly designed integrated dashboard. The users will be able to receive their respective dashboards after 24 hours of subscription. In addition, the investigations are performed through analysis of the whole case by following the steps of our case management services. Such thorough work produces standardized SOC solutions for your critical assets.

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