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Scan your business-critical assets through our vulnerability detection service to identify security weaknesses and protect them from hackers.

Remove Vulnerabilities From Operating System and Websites

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Vulnerability Detection Service

Protection from hacking is only possible if there is no sign of an opening in the security system. Major companies that carry out their safety analysis become vulnerable as their team might not be the type of experts required in the related field. SOCVault provides the best network vulnerability detection service in Canada. We identify security holes & remove threats from business assets. remove any chance of an outside cyber-attack that may be contagious to our client.

vulnerability detection

What Do We Provide in Vulnerability Detection?

Our automated vulnerability assessment helps the clients in achieving the best security as the probable loopholes and gaps in the data and network systems are highlighted via this service. Through SIEM as a service, our clients will be able to detect vulnerabilities through a vulnerability detection module.

vulnerability detection

The vulnerability detection module can run a scan at any period or run the detection scan during the startup. Therefore, these detection scans so carried out for potential vulnerability detection are feasible yet effective at the same time for our valued clients. The above-mentioned scans are of two types, namely:

Full Scan

This scan looks for every possible threat in a computer and network system. It helps point out vulnerabilities that do not show any suspicious signs at first. Socvault provides the best tools and procedures to carry out vulnerability detection.

Partial Scan

This vulnerability scan points out the vulnerability gaps in new packages. However, it does not carry out a wholesome scan for the computer or network systems. An already thoroughly scanned system would not require to be scanned once again. Thus, the need for this partial scan comes into play once the full scan is complete. After completing the full vulnerability detection scan, the partial scan comes into use for every new package.

Close Vulnerable Gaps In Your Security Systems

As soon as the vulnerable gaps fill up, the automated yet human-generated tools are alerted, and the probable threat is lured away. Cyber attackers may use different tactics to enter and breach a company’s data and network systems. Thus, we take rapid action to get rid of such evil activity. Highlighting vulnerability gaps is a basic need nowadays as it’s the leading cause that creates an opening for cyber attackers to initiate their filthy processes.

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