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Terms & Conditions

SOCVault believes in complete transparency for every prospective client while ensuring the necessary confidentiality for every existing and past client. The below terms and conditions outline our operational policies that detail and communicate our priorities, as well as services and liabilities for the user of SOCVault’s services and products. Whenever you opt for any service or product from SOCVault, it is implied that you have agreed and accepted all the terms and conditions mentioned below.


check-mark The terms and conditions apply to all the websites, applications, as well as software that are developed or created by SOCVault to provide its services and/or products.

check-mark  These terms and conditions do not apply factors, services, or products not under the ownership of SOCVault Inc.

check-mark  If a user is unsatisfied with the final product, they can file a complaint.

check-mark I have carefully looked into your situation” and “We can’t issue a refund according to our policy because we already give you FREE 1 month service”.

check-mark  Once product ownership is transferred to the client, SOCVault will no longer be liable for what the client does with it.

check-mark  In case the client opts for SOCVault’s maintenance services for any product, the role of SOCVault Inc. will be limited to only maintaining the product, and thus we will not be liable to make or introduce any new changes.


check-mark SOCVault is a global firm, and as such chooses to abide by the international laws and practices. This also means that any product we develop will have to be in legal compliance with the country where it will be initially deployed.

check-mark We reserve the right to modify, add, or discontinue, be it permanently or temporarily, any of the services we offer without any prior notice.

check-mark Our product prices are given in USD. Also, product prices do not account for any taxes, duties, or any other additional costs. When asking for the quote, you may request the complete price breakdown to have a detailed view of the total cost of your project. This cost will likely be tentative, and subject to change depending on the project timeline and alterations.

check-mark When you request a quote, an automated email will be sent to you, when SOCVault receives the initial brief. You will also be notified via mail about the acceptance of your order or details of our counter-offer.


check-mark SOCVault follows a strict client confidentiality clause. This is the reason our portfolio and case studies do not give out any details about our clients.

check-mark Rest assured that when you approach us with a quote, the information is handled with appropriate secrecy, keeping it private between the incumbent assigned to entertain you along with senior officials.

check-mark Any information received by SOCVault from you will be kept in our database, should you choose to contact us again. This data will NOT be shared with any other entity or be used for any marketing purposes by any other organization.

check-mark We do not disclose any information related to the deployment of any product that is working for any specific client to ensure better security for your products.