Intrusion Detection Service

SOCVault agents scan the monitored systems for malware, rootkits, and suspicious anomalies. They can detect hidden files, cloaked processes, unregistered network listeners, and inconsistencies in system call responses. In addition to agent capabilities, the server component uses a signature-based approach to network intrusion detection (ids), using its regular expression engine to analyze collected log data and look for indicators of compromise.

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Malware Presence

Malware Presence

Alerting &

Get The Consistency Your Business Needs!

Our persistent efforts are always dedicated to our valued clients. Any particular client would want to maintain a certain level of consistency in work. Therefore, SOCVault assures its clients about the consistency in our efforts and what is on the table for them. There is a complete 24/7 inspection of data breaches and a continuous checkup of any malicious activity. We want a hundred percent satisfaction from our clients and thus follow the above-mentioned actions for our intrusion detection services.

intrusion detection

Incident response

SOCVault’s response time for any threat or breach is speedy. This fast-paced response time helps the clients become aware of the breach. After such swift incident response time, SOCVault’s highly consolidated dashboard, built on the principles of AI, provides the best-fit solutions. Our quick services include an immediate SOC alerting and reporting feature as well. This feature helps generate quick alerts and reports them in no time to security providers and the user. In this way, both the security team’s reaction time and the user’s live visibility are improved.

Cyber Adversary Service

This feature understands and predicts the type of attack expected from the probable attackers. This technology works like a charm in most cases and serves to be highly effective. It is based on a structure that predicts and understands the behavior of the potential attackers. It figures out how they would attack and what move is on the cards. Detailed defensive measures are thus generated with the use of this service. This feature of adversary service also helps guide how much probable attacks can harm, and they are detectable through adversary services technology. 

Cyber adversary services assigns an id for each tactic, an id that is identifiable and traceable at all times. This id represents one particular move of the attackers. In this way, whenever there is a possibility of an attack associated with that traceable id, this feature will automatically create an alert. This results in a much more threat-trackable security system on alert mode. Cyber adversary services technology is a dire need today for major cybersecurity companies. The clients get alerts, and pre-attack notifications, which help them maintain an adequately secured environment even before the attack occurs.

“If you want to catch a thief, then you have to think like one”

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Easy Detection Of
Malware Via Antivirus

Antivirus is an online feature that provides malware detection by surfing through multiple antivirus engines. It also guides what solution is present for a particular malware and other malicious activities. As a result, SOCVault manages to easily detect malware or any other activity on the computer systems. This antivirus integration also helps detect whether an action is ethical or unethical.


With this feature of Antivirus, our clients will experience a much more strategized and secure environment. This service will create such a safe environment that there will be no more stress among the clients regarding the safety of their databases and network systems. Antivirus analyzes suspicious files and finds the potential maliciousness in such particular files. It helps in pointing out harmful and harmless items present in a computer system. The Antivirus is an all-in-one antivirus packed with all the goods to keep you safe from malware. This antivirus service has the following features:
check-mark Quick installation process without any interruption
check-mark On-demand protection with optimistic suggestions
check-mark Play games, watch videos, and surf the internet with a safe feeling.
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