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SOCVault has a complete SOC as a service solution package designed for its clients. Our security analytics is a merger of software and algorithms, a combo like none other; this security data analytics solution shows the user behavior and solves today’s major active threats issues. However, the risk of cyber threats and data breaches keeps on increasing at a rapid pace. If not dealt with properly, such a cyber risk can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, it requires a complete risk assessment designed to overcome the shortcomings in our clients’ critical assets.

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Security Risk Assessment

Technologies and policies keep on changing and enhancing with each passing day. Thus, our clients should also stay aware of such changes. SOCVault provides a complete security big data analytics service based on cyber attackers’ modern tricks and knowledge. These cyber attackers have enhanced skills to hack critical assets. SOCVault’s security analytic solution identifies cyber risk threats and secures your entire system from any cyber attack. Security risk assessment helps to increase the strength of the critical assets. 

security analytics

Lower the level of risks with our services

Other cybersecurity providers might provide an update on the probable risks and their solutions. However, here at SOCVault, we target our clients’ probable cyber risks and generate overall security data analytics. The provided stats will portray a picture of your organization’s progress and how the level of risk is dropping or increasing with each passing day. With our renowned security analytics, your network infrastructure will be safer and safer every day.

Proactive Approach 

SOCVault’s highly-trained professionals always stay on their toes and act vigilantly. This security risk assessment service needs the security providers to be alert and look out for probable threats and log data analysis reports of cyber attacks. The magnitude of a particular risk and how that risk would be resolved is a tricky question. However, such a question gets an answer from our team of geniuses. With our renowned security analytics service, get alerted whenever there is a breach or an attempt to breach. SOCVault is not an ordinary alerting software; we provide an out-an-out SOC analytics solution. A proactive approach to risk assessment calls for a supremely talented team, and our team stands out among others. 

security analytics
security analytics
Result-producing methodology 

SOCVault’s SOC analytics is known for its accuracy and quick, active threat response. However, there are many risks that an organization might face. A few of these reasons can be third-party interference, human errors, environmental disruptions, and malicious activities. These factors can lead to much worse situations if not dealt with due care. Thus, it is necessary to follow the actions instructed by our team of professionals.
SOCVault can lower the risks through its security analytics services by fulfilling the following things:
check-mark A complete Strengthening of policies and procedures.
check-mark You will be assisted in creating a backup for recovery.
check-mark Eminent threat detection methods.
check-mark Showcasing and conducting training services for our clients.
check-mark Have complete result-producing contingency plans ready.
check-mark Abling you to have 24/7 visibility.

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