drive by download attack

What Happens During A Drive By Download Attack?

Drive By Download Attack

A drive by download attack is generated when a malicious code gets downloaded unintentionally. In this attack, the user does not have to click on a particular link or download a malicious file. These attacks occur without any mistake of the user. Un-updated and unsecured systems are at fault in this case instead of a fault from the user. 

An unintentional download file can cause havoc in the digital asset of any user as major areas of the systems are at risk of becoming a target. Vulnerability gaps should be, therefore, safe and sound. Protection of potential vulnerability gaps is a major requirement to avoid drive by download attacks. However, this attack has two variants, namely:

  • Malware-filled attacks
  • Non-malicious programs

Motives Behind Drive By Download Attacks

Backed by evil motives, this attack is a one to look for. They can cause serious damage to the security systems of organizations and attain sensitive information. A high ransom is the key motive of hackers performing drive by attacks. Attackers earn millions from organizations and expect to run away unnoticed. This attack is the best way for attackers to leave unnoticed. Let’s learn a few motives associated with drive by download attacks:

1. Hijacking Of Devices

A complete hijacking of devices is possible through these attacks. Hijacking of devices can be harmful yet loss-causing for business owners. The attackers aim to attack other devices connected with the affected device just so the ransom demand can become bigger. In addition, accessing the databases of the victims helps them to cause greater damage.

2. Keeping An Eye On Your Activities

Spying on the activities of the users on the network systems helps cyber attackers to figure out passwords and leak financial information, which is a threat of the highest order. In addition, the personal data of any company’s clients’ is on the line when we talk about drive by download attacks.

3. Destruction Of Confidential Data

Attackers can personally harm you as well. Taking out grudges can be another one of their motives. Personal problems or severe competition with any business owner can ignite the move of breaching into the critical assets of such business owners. Disabling of devices can also be possible through such drive by download attacks.

What Happens During Such Attacks?

Most people don’t know that this attack is upon them. Sometimes figuring out that a certain company is under this cyberattack takes days. The two main ways in which this attack proceeds are:

  • Action-based implications
  • Non-action implications

Action-Based Implications

In such cases, the malicious activities are generated by any action taken by the user, leading to further complications. The measures may involve clicking on malicious links and downloading corrupted files. Such downloading or clicking can become very costly for businesses. Below is the process cycle of action-based implications:

  • A vector gets created from the hacker
  • User’s attention greets this malware containing vector
  • The malware installs on your device
  • The hacker gets a free access
Non-Action Implications

In such cases, the systems get infected through a vulnerability. The user stays aware and avoids clicking or downloading anything suspicious. Yet, the attackers can access your systems and generate a download file, thus causing drive by download attacks. The process cycle of this type is as follows:

  • Security loopholes get affected
  • User triggers such affected components
  • This results in unintentional spam-filled downloads
  • Malware roams and eats up the security system

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