Eavesdropping Attack

Eavesdropping Attack On Wireless Networks

Many users do not realize the importance of working in a secured network. Sitting hours and hours on unsecured network systems can harm you in the worst way possible. Eavesdropping attack, also known as sniffing, can break into unsecured data and transit between various devices. As the name says, an eavesdropping attack is an act of entering and observing the communication taking place between two or more devices.

Such a real-time entry into the conversation can cause considerable damage to both the parties that are discussing any critical matter. The primary risk of an eavesdropping attack is that the attackers can sell your information. For instance, your data can be sold to third-party competitors, who can get aware of your potential plans through such breaches. After successfully pulling out the eavesdropping attack, the attackers can ask for millions in return.

Examples Of Eavesdropping Attack

Private decisions and discussions in business meetings can be at risk if not carried out in properly secured networks. An example would include an employee sending a file containing confidential information to his colleague or supervisor but through an unsecured channel. Such ignorance can cause that file to be traced. Another example would include a person making an online payment at a mall by using an open-source Wi-Fi provided by the mall.

Harms Eavesdropping Attacks Can Cause To Wireless Networks

A piece of code sitting in your network pathway can cause destruction if any confidential talk or any other communication level occurs. Whether it’s a chat, audio, or video conversation, there is always a risk of being traceable. Thus, the users require proper cybersecurity solutions to secure their wireless networks. Following are the 2 impacts of an Eavesdropping attack on a wireless network:

1. Major Loss

Organizations can suffer from unimaginable losses after a successful breach takes place. The attackers can ask for a hefty amount to return the sensitive data. Corporate data and sensitive files are at risk. Hackers/attackers can also block access to multiple accounts after entering unethically. Financial gain is their prime focus. They can even end up paying the third party for disclosing the sensitive info if they are willing to pay more than the actual owner of the data.

2. Identity Theft

Unsecured applications can also cause major problems. The users presume that such apps are safe enough to discuss official matters. Any security gap in apps can leak your information leading to a complete loss of private data. The privacy of any business is at stake if it’s under attack, especially in the case of an eavesdropping attack.

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