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How To Protect Critical Industrial Systems From Cyberattacks?

Cybercrimes are increasing at a rapid pace as time passes. It’s a daunting task to tackle this evil activity for business owners who do not have proper security teams. In this day of age, possessing the skills to fight cybercriminals is essential. Therefore, the security teams should be highly professional to protect critical industrial systems from cyberattacks. ICS ensures the protection of digital assets of critical industrial systems.

A cyber breach is certain for an organization that does not follow precautionary measures. There is a reason why critical industrial systems are named in this way; it’s because their contributions and importance are very vital to a state. For example, manufacturing organizations that are a major source of exports come under the category of critical industrial systems. Along with mega manufacturing companies, water treatment industries, the energy sector, and transportation are other examples as well.

What Is ICS?

ICS stands for Industrial Control System. It is a control system that manages proper workflow and controls all the industrial processes. These systems are responsible for ensuring the day-to-day processing of assets that are of high value. Such assets, like water dams and electricity towers, can be geographically dispersed. Such assets can also be locally present. The overall processing and supervision of the mentioned assets are key, and ICS is responsible for it. The latest challenge of ICS is to protect industrial systems from cyberattacks.

Potential Risks For ICS

Protecting critical assets of the above-mentioned industries is not an easy task. Therefore, protecting critical systems from cyberattacks is the core responsibility of the state. Every industrial sector, whether small or large, performs 70 to 80 percent of its operations through computer systems. Once connected to a network, such computer systems prove to be a hanging sword for organizations. Cyberattacks on ICS can cause a lack of availability.

The attackers can easily access the IoT and internet-connected systems, which can lead to further damage to the cybersecurity system. Due to being way behind in the game of cybersecurity, ICS can face problems like phishing attacks and lose critical information through unauthorized data access. Thus, such threats can hurt the ICS standards and protocols. Therefore, to protect critical industrial systems from cyberattacks, ICS must enhance its cybersecurity skills or hire a team of professionals in the field of cybersecurity. 

How Can Such Threats Be Prevented?

To protect critical industrial systems from cyberattacks, the following measures are necessary for any company or the control system department:

Asset Discovery

Asset discovery of the highest order must be carried out. Assets controlled by ICS need to be discovered before overall protection. This is the main step to protecting critical industrial systems from cyberattacks.

Monitoring Of Network

Complete monitoring of the network systems is a major requirement as it helps create a baseline. Through this action, any new connection to the network is detectable, and thus, this creates a more secure environment.

Deploy And IPS

Intrusion prevention systems are a key to any security system as they frame the best plan to fight unauthorized entry. However, after being detected, cyber attackers stay away from a security system that has quality IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).

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