denial of service attack

What Is The Purpose Of Distributed Denial Of Service Attack?

Denial of service attack targets an organization’s servers and increases traffic by illegal means. Illegal ways of increasing any site’s traffic are considered a crime. Still, the hackers generate multiple bots to jam the site with unreal traffic in this case. Such an attempt to disturb the victims’ website can be highly threatening. The flood of traffic leads to the website being non-responsive and out of control. It’s one of the most threatening kinds of cyberattacks.

Distributed denial of service or a DDOS attack can bring loads of troubles to the site owners. Any E-commerce site that becomes prey to this attack can lose a huge amount. Moreover, many of its customers and clients can face multiple issues due to an overloaded website. Thus, such an overcrowded site can lag multiple times and result in luring the customers away from the servers causing the owners to lose a lot.

How Does This Attack Work?

Internet-connected devices are at risk when DDOS attackers are in progress. Networks containing malware can highly affect the device connected with an internet connection. The device so connected by the internet becomes accessible to the hackers, and they can access such devices remotely. The remotely working attacker infuses bots into the server of the probable victim. With these bots’ help, the attacker can jam the victim’s site, which results in a successful evaluation of a DDOS attack.

Causing such havoc in the server of the victims can lead to further damages, damages that are unimaginable. DDOS attacks increased to almost a double magnitude in the span of one year from 2020 to 2021. We can evaluate from the aforementioned attack that, with time, the threats of denial of services attacks are increasing rapidly.

What Are The Purposes Of A Denial Of Service Attack?

With technology enhancing each day and the world progressing towards modernization of the highest order, the number of cybercriminals is also increasing exponentially. The motive behind these attacks can be backed by revenge as well when we talk about the various purposes of these attacks. However, the following are the purposes of distributed denial of service attack:

1. Competitive Dominance

Many cybersecurity experts believe that most of the time, the culprits behind such DDOS attacks are the victim’s competitors. Therefore, to achieve the desired dominance over their competitors, companies opt to hire the services of cyber attackers.

2. Approaches To Hacktivism

Denial of service attack can also be a source of providing a bold statement through the platform of the victim’s site or any other platform. Sometimes it is not just about the breaching of data. Official sites of governments can also become a target of attackers who are trying to spread a political message.

3. Revenge Backed Attacks

Apart from gaining monetary gains, cyber attackers can also pull out such tactics to take revenge on a particular personality or business. In such cases, the organizations can lose a lot as the attackers’ main motive is only to hurt the victim.


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