cyberattacks of the world

Top 5 Cyberattacks Of The World

History Of Cyberattacks

When we talk about the world’s cyberattacks, we talk about an illegal activity that, today, is on the verge of entering a value in billions. Cyberattack is a term associated with the malicious activities that hackers, known as cyber attackers, perform. The very first cyberattack dates back to the year 1988. Exploring the world of the internet, a student wrote a program. This program could transfer from system to system connected to a network. Such an act formed the first kind of cyberattack in the world.

The program that was sent to transfer from device to device created further bugs, which kept on multiplying. Such activity leads to the jamming of the server. This resulted in the shape of an attack that we now call a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack. DDOS is still a big deal and is one of the most commonly used cyberattacks.

Damages Caused Cyberattacks

When we talk about complete data breaches, financial losses, and low brand reputation, cyberattack comes to mind. Cyberattacks, if succeeded, can become chaos for the victim and his well-being. There is no relaxation for a website owner or any other business that depends on online activities. There is a constant threat of an attack on such companies. People search for cyberattacks in the world just to get enlightened and stay alert.

Below are the damages that can occur after a successful cyberattack:

  • The theft of corporate information
  • Breach of financial data, causing major losses
  • Closure of business activities
  • Loss of business reputation

People debate on what are the top 5 cyberattacks of the world. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to ranking the top cyberattacks. However, we have listed the top 5 cyberattacks of the world in the following manner:

1. The Melissa Virus

 In the year 1999, the Melissa virus began as a virus attack and entered the computer systems of the users. The concept behind this attack was that the Melissa virus was a source of sending corrupted files in a Microsoft Word format. This designed virus caused the affected computer systems to recover at the cost of $80M.

2. Cyberattack On NASA

Another one of the major cyberattacks of the world was the attack on NASA. The world was in shock when a fifteen-year-old hacked the computer systems of NASA. This hacking caused the computer systems of NASA to stay down for 21 days! An outage of 21 straight days was something to look for. People started taking cyber attacks of the world seriously after such hacking.

3. Estonian Cyberattack

In the year of 2007, the country of Estonia faced a cyberattack that affected the whole country—causing damage to almost 58 websites the country that went offline. To this day, this attack scares the business people of Estonia.

4. Cyberattack On Yahoo

During the year 2014, almost 500 million accounts of the users were under attack. The information of these accounts was compromised, and it still is one of the most memorable cyberattacks in the world.

5. Cyberattack On Adobe

Adobe claimed that during the data breaches, nearly 2.9 million users’ credit card and password information became accessible to hackers. At the same time, a comptonization of almost 38 million users’ password and id details became accessible to the attackers.

These were the top 5 cyberattacks of the world. Companies affected will never forget such data breaches and system outages that became a sign of terror for them. Therefore, today’s companies are advised to adopt the services of cybersecurity providers, who can enable such companies to fight against cybercrimes.   


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